Personal development


This powerfully impacts the power of your imagination.

First, I am not going to go into imagination too much. Simply put, everything you see around you had to be imagined first before it was ever made a reality.

For example, a car, a plane, a bike all began in the imagination.

This practice allows your mind to create a reality, a point in time where something was real.

First, what you are imagining is normally a natural evolution thought process to what you have already lived.

Put it like this, most people who open their own pub used to pull pints in their local. (Doesn’t always work like this but often there is a link from your past to what you now want).

It is a way of putting validity to what you want so you can think past the doubt of it not going to work or that it might be silly.

People come to these conclusions about their dreams normally based on what people say about them.

But it’s your world, people can`t stop what you truly want to make a reality.It is only if you listen to them and stop yourself for getting it.

So, this practice is not only there to make your dreams have a feeling of reality behind them, it is also to convince you that your dreams are not silly.Your dreams are important to you and are worth your time and effort.

It is used as a bridging between what you want and what you have had.

If the emotions match between your life now and what you want to achieve then the path to getting what you want becomes easier. 
What you need is a piece of paper, then in the middle draw a box big enough to write down what you want in your life (write this as if you have it now).

Then around this box in the middle draw smaller boxes like a grid that all attach to each other around the middle.

Then in the surrounding boxes write down all the things that you have gone through in your life that match the feelings and emotions of what you put in the middle box. If the middle situation would give you the feeling of love, then the boxes around this should be loving memories.

Remember the things you put around the middle box must be things that you have gone through in your life.

This is the bridging of the emotions and feelings part of what you want.

If your feelings are a reality behind what you want, then your belief system behind what you want to happen becomes stronger. Therefore, you have a stronger intent of going to achieve it.

You will see the opportunities better and do the foundation work that is needed to get what you want.

Plus, if you can feel it now you will start to know when it actually starts taking shape.

Writing things down as if you have them already is a part of your fantasy but everything that anyone has in their life has been a fantasy first.

For example, a person who studies law must have at some point seen themselves doing the job even if it was for a small second.

When people say they fell into their job, the fantasy part comes when they don`t leave and stay to move up the chain.