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Wow oh wow oh wow. What can I say that will describe this night? Ok let me start by setting the scene for you. You come out of Waterloo station and do a right. You walk down to the cross roads and do another right. You will know if you are at the correct cross roads as there will be the old Vic on your left. So, you have done a right now just keep walking. You keep going until you do a right at the betting shop. Then trust me you will know you have arrived.In-front of you, as you walk down the underpass will be a dome walk way full of graffiti. It will look like that because that is what it is lol 😊.

As you get about half way down you will see the entrance with the vault in big glowing lettering above the door. Well if you miss that you will not miss the crowd outside waiting to get it.

You line up and the line moves quite quick. I was due to meet a load of people that I had never met before (The power of the internet and meetup groups) but I couldn’t see any of them. I got into the venue and heard from one of the other people and arranged to meet them inside. You get inside and now as the weather was on the turn to the cold times of the year have a guess how long the cloak room que was?

After my coat was in the cloak room and I hadmet up with oneof the groups organisers, we waited around for the other people to join us. After a few minutes of waiting we met up with the others and after the introductions were done we got our bingo cards and pens and made our way to the main room. Here the DJ was already throwing out tune after tune, some old school, some new school.

Then the announcement came that we were going to get playing in 5 minutes. After a few minutes the best sound came over the DJ speakers, it was the rebel bingo theme tune. Can you guess what it was? I will give you a few seconds to think of something ………………

It was rage against the machine “killing in the name of”, everyone and I mean everyone was head banging and jumping, it just got the correct level of buzz going. Then the MC took to the stage and gave us a brief explicit funny oddly motivating speech that got everyone pumped. Once we screamed yes to the question “Do you want to play F*%*ingBingo?”. He then introduced his ball callers, let us just say lucky legs 11 was not the kind of rhyming they were using. I mean you wouldn’t bring your kids. But that was all a part of the fun.It was the rebel side of it that was bringing out the rebel in everyone.

Then the music pumped, and the balls were starting to be called.You might be thinking, how could anyone hear you shout out Bingo in a night club. Well you had one mission, match the appropriate line and then make your way up to the stage through the crowd of drinking party makers and hug the host. Then after the ball callers and back up dancers (that’s right the ball callers with their very well strung together rhyming talents had back up dancers) had checked to see if you had matched the correct balls they gave the signal.Every winner got an epic minute winners ceremony where they got their hands-on prizes like Roller Skates, AGiant Glitter Ball, a £5 note a £10 note and a £20 note, a Trophy for the speed round and who can forget the speaker and the Giant Bottle of Vodka. The loser got the dreaded walk of shame.

After a 20-minute interval that was filled with loads of music and people dancing with a load of bingo pen graffitied all over them (and yes, I had some on me too). Then came the final rounds of bingo, there was even a round that required two winners but out of those two winners there could be only one (wow a highlander film reference) They figured out who would be that one over the infamous most challenging game every to cross the human nation. A game that would test skill, nerve and courage, I am talking about the harrowing game of ROCK, PAPER AND SCISSORS.

So, after all the above fun, and honestly it was hand on my heart fun beyond this world. After the bingo balls had been put away and the fame of the winners had faded into the smoke.The after party switched on and music and dancing ensued.

People, if you want a party that is made up of great music and a game that can only make you laugh and scream for more, then aRebel Bingo night is for you.