Let’s talk free weight training


Let’s talk free weight training.

Right, I am going to get right down to it and tell you just some of the benefits you get from using free weights in your training.

  • Lose weight faster
  • Look great quicker
  • Help prevent bone wastage (Osteoporosis)
  • Improves your mood

Remember these are just some of the benefits. Let’s have a look at them individually.

Lose weight faster.

When you use free weights, it is one of the quickest ways to gain muscle tissue. Muscle tissue is a lot smaller then fat. So, if you had a pound of fat and a pound of muscle although they weigh the same the muscle would be a lot smaller. It comes down to the fact that muscle is denser then fat, meaning same weight different volume (space taken up).

Now that does not explain why free weight training makes it faster to lose weight. The more muscle tissue you have (that does not mean size) the more calories you burn. It takes more calories for you body to have and sustain muscle tissue then fat. So, the more you have the more calories you burn at any point during the day. This is the reason you lose weight faster. An as weight training is the fastest way of gaining muscle tissue then it will make you lose weight faster.

Look great quicker.

I have explained this in the above chapter a little bit. One of the reasons why free weight training is the quickest way to gain muscle tissue is because how you use it. Using free weights means you must stabilise your own body during the exercise.

When you use resistance machines (which do the trick as well just not as quick) the machine stabilises your body during the exercise, so the only muscle really engaged is the muscle being worked. Plus, as the machine has a fixed range of movement,so once again you don’t have to stabilise the rest of your body.

When you do free weight training you have to engage the rest of your body to keep yourself safe. This takes effort,and in the gym,effort means energy and energy means gains. So, the more energy youhave to use to stabilise your body plus working the main muscle during the exercise means faster gains.

Help prevent bone wastage (Osteoporosis).

When you do free weight training (this is also true for resistance machines) you constantly lengthen and shorten your muscles under tension. This in-turn puts the bones under tension as well. Putting the bones under this strain during the exercise makes the bone harden. Proper nutrition is needed in the recovery phase to increase this.

Improves your mood.

So, during and after free weight training your body will release endorphins (also known as the feel-good factor hormone). You could say doing free weights makes you high. Not only that, the feeling of getting through a challenging work out and pushing through and over coming your hurdles will give you proof to the outcome of your effort. Most people doing free weight training have a higher protein diet and this has been known to give the best benefits to brain health and function. Not to mention as well that it can improve your sleep pattern and the more rested you are the more energy you naturally have to face the day.